SEO Versus PPC

Creating your own website or blog page can feel like a great accomplishment. You’ve worked hard to get all your content on your page and to your liking. Now for the hard part. How do you get people to view your site? Sure, you could share your URL with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, but this technique usually won’the get you very far.

What you need is targeted traffic. Random people viewing your site won’t get the word out. To get people coming back, you need people interested in your content. How do you do that? Search engine results! Urls that show on the first page of engine results generate far more positive traffic than those that don’t. Most importantly this traffic is interested in your site and are more likely to return or tell others.

SEO versus PPC

There are two basic ways to get your site in the top search results. PPC, or pay-per-click ads, are the sponsored ads you see on a results page. Typically these sites will be at the top of the page, and the more you pay the higher your spot. SEO or search engine optimization is a technique used to make sites engine friendly, earning them a higher ranking on a results page. Sites using an SEO technique will appear according to rank under the PPC, sponsered, ads.


When using PPC ads you must pay a fee. This fee is based on the popularity of you keywords. So if you are planning on using a popular keyword you can expect to pay more for your ad. Building traffic using the SEO technique you will likely not be penalized for using popular keywords, in fact you want to! Sites recommend using keywords in your URL.  According to research keywords in your URL can actually convince someone to visit your site over another.


Using SEO you will not have to pay a fee. Also, earning your rank on a search engine can increase visitor satisfaction. With engine algorithms becoming so comprehensive, quality site content will earn highest rank. Using PPC you may not drive traffic specific to your site. Tailoring sites by engine rank started in the 1990s. When Web savvy entrepreneurs discovered having their sites show in search engine results increased traffic. The SEO technique is the natural way to promote your site.

Making your site engine friendly will increase the readability and overall quality of your site. Sure, it’s more work than just paying your way to the top. If you want to make sure you are putting out quality content, receive targeted traffic, improve viewer satisfaction, and not have to pay a dime; I recommend reading ‘15 SEO Best Practices‘ Good luck in your venture!