Local SEO Basics

Local search engine optimization is a very effective way of reaching your target customers. Local SEO is the short form of local Search Engine Optimization. SEO campaigns can be very helpful in boosting your business in the local scenario. It is a means by which you can reach out to your target customers in a local setting. Therefore, it is an important strategy to boost your local business. It is always advisable to optimize your local business website using local SEO so that they are easily noticed by local search engines.

Local search engine basics

Currently, Google is the most popular search engine for local search. The Google Maps show consumers a variety of information including driving routes, contacts information, business descriptions and ‘Click to Call’ options for mobile devices. Getting found in the Google Maps is a great starting point for any business that hasn’t started optimizing for local search.

Google My Business

A good number of consumers start making demand decisions online. This is a good reason why you should ensure your business is found online. The most amazing thing with local Internet marketing is that you don’t need to create a Website in order to be found online. With a business listing, your firm can be found in the Google Maps and Places results, which will give prospective customers the necessary information they need to reach you e.g telephone, email address etc.

The first step in getting found in the local search engines is submitting your business information to several local search directories. The most popular one is Google My Business. In fact, unless your business is very new, odds are you’re already listed in Google My Business directory. But just because you’re listed doesn’t mean you’re all set. You need to keep on claiming, updating and enhancing your listing’s details for you to stand out and get ranked top. ┬áHere is a video showing you how to claim your listing.

Numerous unclaimed listings contain outdated and incorrect data that could be found confusing by your customers as well as lower your rankings in the search engines. Therefore, it is very important to claim your listings. Using relevant categories and keywords in your listing and providing more than enough information to make your listing complete will help boost your local SEO and get you far much ahead of your competitors in the Map results. Adding enhancements like photos, videos, coupons and more helps increase your ranking and makes your customer’s local search experience more impressive.

Submit to Other Directories

Once you’ve claimed your listing in Google My Business, start submitting your business info to other top rated local directories such as Merchant Circle, Yelp etc. Searching on Google is one way to help you choose the best directories. Come up with a search keyword that you would like to appear on the search results for. To identify your competitors go through the local businesses listed in the search results, these are your competitors. Find out where their listings are coming from. If you’re seeing results coming from Yelp, you’ll definitely know that’s a directory you really need to submit your information to.

Businesses that need local search engine

If your business has a physical address for the clients to visit, then you need to engage in SEO. The main objective of SEO is to basically assist customers find correct details about your shop, products and services using Google. Your key objective should be to list your business at the top in the local directory.